1916 Annual Report

Report on the Church

For the year 1916

The Savior-Transfiguration Denver Church of the State of Colorado

1. Stone Church, in the name of the Savior-Transfiguration in Denver, Colorado.

2. The church was constructed in 1898, by the free will offerings as notes, amounting to 4,000 dollars.

3. In 1905, the church transferred to the Russian Orthodox Bishop. 

4. At the church there is a church-parish school, built of bricks, amounting to 800 dollars.

5. Among the clergy is a Priest. There is no psalm reader.

6. The priest receives support from the parish of 50 dollars.

7. near the church was built a new parish the house, where the Priest lives. The cost of the parish house is 3,000 dollars.

8. The land around the church consists of 6 lots.


          The rector of the Denver parish, Hegumen Joanniky, in the world as Priest Demetrius Mikhailovich Krasskov, was born in the village of Iavleiak, Alatyrsky district, Simbirsk Diocese, the son of a Priest. He completed the course of the second degree of the Simbirsk Theological Seminary in 1890. After completing the course of study he was ordained a psalm reader in the city of Kurlin, Simbirsk Diocese, where became the psalm reader for 2 1/2 years at the Theotokos - Nativity Church.

          On May 6, 1893, His Eminence, Bishop Barsanuphrius, Bishop of Simbirsk and Syzran ordained him a priest in the village of Komarov, where served until 1897. He served as the Catechist and teacher of the Komarov church-parish school.

          On August 16, 1897, Bishop Nicomedus, Bishop of Simbirsk and Syzran assigned him as the Inspector of Seminary housing where he stayed for 4 months.

          On December 4, 1897, he was assigned as the priest in the village of Iavleiak, Syzran District, where he became the lawful teacher in two schools of learning.

           In 1899, he became a member of the monastic community of the Kievo-Mikhailovskogo Monastery and tonsured a monk: for two to 2 1/2 years he served as the librarian in the monastic libraries and reading rooms.

           In 1902, he was awarded a nabedrennik.

           On July 17, 1902, by the Ukase [decree] of the All Holy Synod was assigned as the rector of the Philipsburg-Osceola Mills Parish in the North American Diocese. By the Ukase [decree] of the All Holy Synod he was awarded the Gold Cross from the Office of His Majesty. For the All Russian census of 1897 he was awarded the bronze medal on a ribbon of the state colors.

           He was granted blessings with the gramota № 581, dated June 1, 1904, from Archbishop Tikhon of the Aleutians and North America.

          He was granted blessings with the gramota from the All Holy Synod, dated May 6, 1905.

          In 1912 he was after a short time elevated to the dignity of Hegumen.

          His Eminence, Bishop Alexander of Alaska, on September 1914, offered him as the rector of the Denver parish.


Concerning the Parishioners of the Church in one Year


On what lists and what ethnic background  of the parishioners

Number of families

Number of  souls























The Rector of the Church: Hegumen Joanniky Krasskov. [Tr. Note: died on 03 Apr. 1947, buried in St. Tikhon Monastery Cemetery].


On January, 12th 1917.

Witnessed by the Dean Michael Andreades. [Tr. Note: Died in 1959 in New Jersey].


Translated by Archpriest Eugene D. Tarris on September 30, 2011.