Historical Photos

Click here for a slideshow of images of the Cathedral's history, including the Priests who have served over the years.

Wedding, November 3, 1901. The man with the cigar on the far right is Panko Homyak, one of the parish founders. He rolled cigars in his home on Logan St. The couple in the middle is Peter Nazaryk and Mastazia Homyak.
Picture of the Congregation in 1933
St Sebastian (Dabovich) served HTOC from 1908-1909
Pascha, April 20, 1968.
April 13, 1971. From left: Fr Paul Ziatyk, Fr James Simenidis, Fr Michael Margitich, Chaplian at Lowry AFB, and Fr George Neofotistos
April 25, 1962. Fr George Benigsen with a young Fr James Worth on the left and Freddie LaGuardia.
April 28, 1967. Fr Paul Ziatyk stands before Christ's Tomb on Holy Friday.
Archimandrite Athanasy (Markowich) 1936 - 1959
Fr Paul Fedec listens to Metropolitan Irenei during a 1973 visit
Bishop with Clergy, 1983
View of the Holy Altar in 1983
Bishop speaking with Mary Chucovich, the widow of Fr Joseph Takach
Members of the Kohut Family who ran the Globeville Creamery
Memorial plaque at St Michael's Chapel in Riverside Cemetery
Widows of Parish Founders - 1948: Anna Homyak, Anastasia Kulik, Anna Kohut
Fr George Benigsen 1960 - 1964
Fr Dragan Filipovich 1973 - 1975
Fr Gregory Shutak 1905 - 1908
Fr John Mahonchak 1931 - 1932
Fr Joseph Takach 1926 - 1931
Fr Vladimir Kolneff 1903 - 1905 Helped oversee the parish's reception into the Russian Orthodox Church
The original Certificate of Incorporation from September, 1898
Original Grammota from the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church receiving the Parish into the ROC in 1905.
The Congregation in front of the Globeville Dry Goods store during WWI.
January 3, 1968. Fr Paul with a young Fr James Worth.
January 3, 1987. Fr Joseph Hirsch and Altar servers.
Fr Paul Ziatyk serving, 1967
Parish Children
St Mary's Altar Society 1948
"Metropolitan" John Kedrovsky of the Soviet-puppet Living Church
Parish Faithful meeting in the Globeville Dry Goods Store in 1930 during the times of trouble
Parish Photo. October 20, 1929. Eight days before the Stock Market Crash...
the parish's original 45-star American flag
Poster advertising Fr Alexander Schmemann's visit to Denver in 1963
Two stalled fire engines in front of the church on 47th Avenue during the Flood of 1965
Fr Athanasy sits next to Metropolitan Leonty in 1948 at the 50th Anniversary of the Cathedral
Members of the SVS Octet 1983
Early photo before the stucco veneer was applied
Wedding Photo for Egnat Prostak and Olga Ruchofsky. May 17, 1914. Fr Elias Klopotovsky was the parish priest.